Buhler Hammermill



The Buhler Hammermill is able to grind 75 bushels per hour.

Comes with an adjustable motor.

Sliding feed gate.

Compact design makes the hammermill easy to move.

Made from high quality carbon steel for extra-long life.

Weaverline Feed Cart


Stainless steel box sections.

Long battery life with no toxic fumes and very quiet.

Fast feeding - Unload a 30 bushel cart full of corn silage in 35 seconds.

Hydrostatic drive - one fingertip control lets you select any travelling speed in either forward or reverse.

Options include: front and side unloading, high discharge box, and extension side kit and varying capacities.


Rissler Spiro Mixer




Ensures thorough end to end mixing with no dead spots.

Small square bales can be thrown in.

Mixing time without hay is 3 - 5 mins and with hay is 5 - 8 mins.

Also available in a trailer style.


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